How It All Started

The dream behind The Pool Shirt Store started when I was in my sophomore year of High School. I went to work for a small screen printing shop in South West Philly and there I fell in love with screen printing.

I was amazed at the size of the operation and intrigued with the fact that orders came in on the computer from all over the world, with many different designs and design combinations. In 1989 the concept of online commerce was fairly new and I became fascinated with the steps from order to production, orders coming in from all over the country.

After high school, I went to college and this is where I learned how to play pool in the dorm rec room. Learning ball control, positioning, defense, and safety shots. After graduation and coming back home to Philly I began playing pool after work and on the weekends, in bars and arcades. Other players began to notice how good my game and skills were and began to bet on me, and the experienced players all wanted to play me. I honed my skills over the years, playing team and individual pool on a national level at the Pool Championship in Las Vegas.

This sparked the idea of printing shirts for my team and teams all across the city. I branched out into creating my own pool designs as well as creating designs for other individuals, events, and groups across the state.

Today The Pool Shirt Store is breaking new ground into an online store, with a wide range of screen printing services to meet the need of new and savvy players.